Is The State of Illinois Late In Paying Your Invoices?  

Vendor Capital Finance LLC can help.

As a Qualified Purchaser in the State of Illinois’ Vendor Payment Program (VPP) and Vendor Support Initiative (VSI), Vendor Capital Finance LLC can buy your late, unpaid state invoices at 100% of their value.  As long as the State approves your company’s participation in either the VPP or VSI and your invoices are eligible, we’ll pay you 90% up-front and the remaining 10% in two installments when the State of Illinois pays us back.

Vendor Capital Finance provides peace of mind in knowing that if the State falls behind in its payments, we’ll be there to fund your unpaid invoices.  Currently, the state’s fiscal deficit is an estimated -$7 Billion and could widen to -$10 Billion by the end of fiscal year 2016, according to various sources.  Add in the fact that the State’s estimated unfunded pension liabilities are approximately -$110 Billion and it’s clear that the State’s fiscal situation is precarious.

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