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As a Qualified Purchaser in the State of Illinois’ Vendor Payment Program (VPP), Vendor Capital Finance LLC can buy your late, unpaid state invoices at 100% of their value.

As long as the State approves your company’s participation in the VPP and your invoices are prompt pay eligible, we’ll pay you 90% up-front and the remaining 10% in two installments as the State of Illinois pays us back.

Vendor Capital Finance LLC has been certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the State of Illinois.

Why should you take part in this program?

No fees and no obligations

Increase your business focus

Keep doing business with the State of Illinois

Get paid 100% of your invoices

Quickly restore your cash-flow

How It Works



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No Fees. No Obligations.

Sell Invoices

It’s a True Sale
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Get Paid

VCF Pays 100%.

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